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Cence CNC-116 TD-24K Blood ID Centrifuge

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CNC-116 TD-24K Blood ID Centrifuge

Superior performance, safety and reliability. DC brushless motor, Microprocessor control, LCD display. The parameters can be modified freely during a run. Low noise and no carbon dust pollution. The function of electronic door interlock, over speed and self-diagnostic for the safety of people and instrument. Simple operation, scientific and practical The standard programs are built-in for blood type determination and all kinds experiment of serology, which standardize the test and research of clinical. The programs can be set by users to satisfy the actual requirement. TD-24K blood ID centrifuge is designed by our technologists who adopt foreign advanced technology of the same product. It is widely used in blood serology, conventional tests of blood type, erythrocyte washing, Micro column Gel immunoassay and so on. It has signification in clinical trials and analysis. Specific program for blood type card Program 1: 800rpm 2min Program 2: 1500rpm 3min Note: the built-in program can be modified according to user’s requirement

Model CNC-116 TD-24K
Maximum Speed 3000r/min
For Blood Type Card
centrifugation speed
Maximum RCF 1450×g
Micro-Gel Mr. directory (six columns) 24
Time Setting Range 0~99min
Engine DC brushless Engine
Noise Level ≤60db(A)
Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ
Net Weight 16 Kg