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Cence CNC-112 L535R-1 Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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CNC-112 L535R-1 Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Easy to use and microprocessor control. Displays speed, temperature and time on LCD screen. The AC frequency-conversion motor has high start torque and short acceleration/deceleration time. The protective functions of electronic door interlock, over speed and over temperature for safe operation; Have 3 tiers protective sleeves for the safety of people and instrument. Many kinds of rotors are available for convenient use. Non-CFC refrigeration system (France Tecumseh Compressor Unit) for the purpose of environment protection. Widely used in fields of biochemistry, bio-pharmacy, blood separation and purification. Self-balance protection.

Model CNC-112 L535R-1
Maximum Speed 5350r/min
Maximum RCF 5030×g
Maximum Capacity 4×750ml
Control Microprocessor Control
Display Screen LCD
Speed Control Accuracy ±30r/min
Acceleration / Deceleration (Acc / Dec) 9/10 Profile
Time Setting Range 1min-99min or indefinitely (hold)
Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Temperature Sensitivity ±2℃
Cooling System CFC Cooling System
Noise Level <65dB(A)
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz 5A
Dimension(L×W×H) 560×660×850(mm)
Net Weight 120 Kg