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CNC-204 Histology Set (100 pcs)

1) H01 Simple squamous Epithelium sec.
2) H02 Simple Cubodial Epithelium sec.
3) H03 Simple Columna Epithelium sec.
4) H04 Columna Pseudo strtified cillated epithelium
5) H05 Stratified squamous Epithelium sec.
6) H06 Transitini Epethelium sec
7) H07 Ciliated Epithelium
8) H08 Epidermis from human mouth
9) H09 Glandular Epithelium sec.
10) H10 Loose Connective Tissue w.m
11) H11 Dense Connective Tissue w.m
12) H12 Adipose Tissues sec.
13) H13 Hyaline Cartilage sec.
14) H14 Elastic Cartilage sec.
15) H15 Fibro Cartilage sec.
16) H16 Human Chromosome Nonmal Female w.m
17) H17 Human Chromosome Nonmal Male w.m
18) H18 Medulla oblongata sec
19) H19 Red marrow sec
20) H20 Smooth Muscle Terased Preparation w.m.
21) H21 Blood smear
22) H22 Hair whole mount
23) H23 Smooth Muscle I.s and c.s
24) H24 Skeletal Muscle I.s and c.s
25) H25 Cardiac Muscle sec
26) H26 Spinal Card I.s and c.s
27) H27 Sciatic nevre I.s
28) H28 Motor neuron w.m.
29) H29 Motor Nerve Endings w.m.
30) H30 Tongue I.s. show filiform papilla
31) H31 Esophagus sec.
32) H32 Trachea sec.
33) H33 Stomach sec.
34) H34 Stomach fundic portion sec.
35) H35 Stomach Cardiac Region sec.
36) H36 Stomach Pyloric Region sec.
37) H37 Small Intestine sec.
38) H38 Duodenum sec.
39) H39 Jejunum sec.
40) H40 Illeum c.s. show vili and goblet cells
41) H41 Appendix sec
42) H42 Large Intestine sec.
43) H43 Colon sec.
44) H44 Rectum sec.
45) H45 Pancreas sec.
46) H46 Spleen sec.
47) H47 Liver sec.
48) H48 Gall Bladder sec.
49) H49 Fat layer
50) H50 Fibroblast
51) H51 Nerve cells
52) H52 Brochiolus
53) H53 Lung sec.
54) H54 Artery sec
55) H55 Vein sec
56) H56 Large Artery sec.
57) H57 Large vein sec.
58) H58 Heart I.s. sec.
59) H59 Kidney I.s.
60) H60 Kidney with Blood Vessel Injected sec.
61) H61Ureter sec.
62) H62 Ovary sec.
63) H63 Placenta Human sec.
64) H64 Human Sperms smear
65) H65 Epidymis
66) H66 Prostate Gland Human sec.
67) H67 Fallopian Tube sec.
68) H68 Penis c.s.
69) H69 Cervix sec.
70) H70 Thyroid Gland sec.
71) H71 Thymus Gland sec.
72) H72 Mammary gland sec.
73) H73 Adrenal Gland sec.
74) H74 Lymph Node sec.
75) H75 Salivary gland c.s.
76) H76 Cerebrum sec.
77) H77 Cerebellum sec.
78) H78 Pituitary gland c.s.
79) H79 Tendon teased c.s.
80) H80 Eye Entail sec.
81) H81 Eyeball sec.
82) H82 Human Skinsec show Thick Cornifie Layer
83) H83 Human Skin Sec Through sweat Gland
84) H84 Human Skin Sec Through Hair Folicle
85) H85 White fibrous tissue
86) H86 Mucous tissue, umbilical cord
87) H87 Decalcified bone c.s.
88) H88 Infant developing bone section
89) H89 Developing membrane bone
90) H90 Muscle-tendon junction I.s.
91) H91 Muscle Spindle
92) H92 Nerve bundle
93) H93 Sypmpathetic ganglion
94) H94 Motor Cortex section
95) H95 Sentor cortex
96) H96 Cerebellar cortex
97) H97 Palatine tonsil
98) H98 Thin skin from human palm section
99) H99 Finger nail section
100)H100 Stomach-duodenal junction I.s.

Fiber Connective Tissue

Hiyaline Cartilage