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CNC-209 Human Histology

1) Human Simple squamous Epithelium sec.
2) Human Simple Cuboidal Epithelium sec.
3) Human Simple Columnar Epithelium sec
4) Human Columna Pseudostratified ciliated epithelium
5) Human Stratified squamous Epithelium sec
6) Human Transitional Epithelium sec
7) Human Ciliated Epithelium
8) Human Epidermis from human mouth
9) Human Glandular Epithelium sec
10) Human Loose Connective Tissue w.m
11) Human Dense Connective Tissue w.m
12) Human Adipose Tissues sec.
13) Human Hyaline Cartilage sec.
14) Human Elastic Cartilage sec.
15) Human Fibro Cartilage sec.
16) Human Chromosome Normal Female w.m
17) Human Chromosome Normal Male w.m
18) Human Medulla oblongata sec
19) Human Red marrow smear
20) Human Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation w.m
21) Human Blood smear
22) Human Hair whole mount
23) Human Smooth Muscle l.s and c.s
24) Human Skeletal Muscle l.s and c.s
25) Human Cardiac Muscle sec
26) Human Spinal Card l.s and c.s
27) Human Sciatic nerve l.s.
28) Human Motor neuron w.m
29) Human Motor Nerve endings w.m.
30) Human Tongue l.s. show filiform papilla
31) Human Esophagus sec.
32) Human Trachea sec.
33) Human Stomach sec.
34) Human Stomach fundic portion sec.
35) Human Stomach Cardiac Region sec.
36) Human Stomach Pyloric Region sec.
37) Human Small Intestine c.s
38) Human Duodenum sec.
39) Human Jejunum sec.
40) Human Ileum c.s. show villi and goblet cells
41) Human Appendix sec.
42) Human Large Intestine sec.
43) Human Colon sec.
44) Human Rectum sec.
45) Human Pancreas sec.
46) Human Spleen sec
47) Human Liver sec
48) Human Gall Bladder sec
49) Human Fat layer
50) Human Fibroblast
51) Human Nerve cells
52) Human Bronchiolus
53) Human Lung sec
54) Human Artery sec
55) Human Vein sec
56) Human Large artery sec
57) Human Large vein sec
58) Human Heart l.s.whole
59) Human Kidney l.s
60) Human Kidney with Blood Vessel Injected sec.
61) Human Ureter sec.
62) Human Ovary sec.
63) Human Placenta Human sec.
64) Human Sperms smear
65) Human Epididymis sec
66) Human Prostate Gland Human sec.
67) Human Fallopian Tube sec
68) Human Penis c.s
69) Human Cervix sec
70) Human Thyroid Gland sec
71) Human Thymus Gland sec
72) Human Mammary gland sec
73) Human Adrenal Gland sec
74) Human Lymph Node sec
75) Human Salivary gland c.s.
76) Human Cerebrum sec
77) Human Cerebellum sec
78) Human Pituitary gland c.s.
79) Human Tendon teased c.s.
80) Human eye entail.sec
81) Human Eyeball.sec
82) Human Skin sec show Thick Cornified Layer
83) Human Skin sec Through sweat Gland
84) Human Skin sec Through Hair Follicle
85) Human White fibrous tissue
86) Human Mucous tissue, umbilical cord
87) Human Decalcified bone c.s.
88) Human Infant developing bone section
89) Human Developing membrane bone
90) Human muscle-tendon junction l.s.
91) Human muscle spindle
92) Human Nerve bundle
93) Human Sympathetic ganglion
94) Human motor cortex section
95) Human sentor cortex
96) Human Cerebellar cortex
97) Human Palatine tonsil
98) Human thin skin from human palm section
99) Human fingernail.section
100)Human stomach-esophageal junction l.s.

Decalcified Bone